Sunday, December 30, 2007

FFFC #16 "Fire + ICE"
I haven't done one of these challenges in almost a year.
Fire was a block waiting to be quilted. I left the batting hanging out to symbolize charred ices.
Ice doesn't show up well, it's glittery/icy. I painted mist fuse with pearl-ex paints, added some glitter, fused it to a piece of batk, then quilted with metallic thread. Last I added "cracked ice" to the edge; it's not nearly so green/gold!
OF COURSE, any NCSU Wolfpack fans remember fire + ice as something quit different!
LOL! now there's a quilt!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


WOP= work inprogress

for Ellen Lindner's online class: instant art quilt

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stay At Home Challenge

Quiltart participants had a "stay at home challenge" for those of us not going to Houston.

The challenge was to make a Priority Quilt for Alzheimer'sArtQuiltInitiative, using materials available at hand.

Mine is called "feeding frenzy" 9x11.5 made from scraps laying on my cutting table.

Others can be viewed at

Friday, November 2, 2007

Journal Quilts 2007

2007 is the final year of the Journal QuiltPages project, originally proposed by Karey Bresenhan, Director of the International Quilt Festival. It was to be "a free-form exercise in creativity, specifically planned to encourage quilt artists to stretch and grow."

The journal format changed from a monthly 8x11 quilt to one 14x20 quilt.

A Page from my Book:
Journal quilts 2007 – Journal Quilt Project

Katherine McNeese
Williamston, North Carolina


Creative Quilting techniques used:
Phototransfer and threadpainting (p. 23)
Raw edge appliqué (p. 73)
Linda Schmidt’s landscape techniques (p. 91)

This is the view from the treehouse I want to have someday:
A hideaway, a sanctuary, a place for recharging.
It is also about growing,
about what making art means to me,
about my journey.

This quilt proved challenging.
I tried techniques that didn’t work:
layering sheers and printing on Extraorganza to create depth,
painting on Timtex, and painting on the batting,
appliquéing leaves in the foreground, which obstructed the view.

The background is phototransfer of an oak tree, which is then threadpainted to add detail. The nearer branches are raw edge fused, and the branch in the foreground is painted puff paint and painted Lutrador leaves which provides some transparency, as well as the feeling of being up in the tree.
The binding was a problem, but Sarah Ann Smith’s article in Quilting Arts (August/September 2007) reminded me of the idea of a sheer binding. I recycled some of the already printed Extraorganza into a fused sheer binding (p 63).

I can no longer post to the old BHQ,

so this is the lauch of BHQ2.