Sunday, October 21, 2012

SUNSETs Atlantic Beach, NC

There are some perks to Continuing Education meetings!
I ate fresh grouper, Mahi, shrimp.
I watched and listened to the ocean.

Oct 18 sunset from the Boardwalk Atlantic Beach, NC

OCT 19 sunset Oceana pier

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MMQ part Five

The Modern Mystery Quilt is coming to a close.
Here is part five:

We are promised yet another twist in part six.
It wouldn't be a mystery if we just sewed the parts together in the last step!

Everyone is laying theirs like this:

But what about this?

I'd like to make it larger, but I'm limited in my blue...

Friday, October 12, 2012


scroll down to check out this last week.
enjoy! because next week I'll be at CME[continuing edu].
And be sure to check out what everyone else is doing at Off The Wall Friday:

My maples will not be red this year: they are already brown from the dry summer.

Part five of the MMQ is pretty neat, but I haven't finished yet...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

MMQ Part 4

So in part 4 of the Modern Mystery Quilt we assembled the half circles and skinny strips. I changed my mind and used dark brown skinny strips.

And created seven 40" strip sets. This photo is fairly true to the colors:

Here are all the parts. I still can't imagine how it goes together.

I hope we don't need alot more background, I'm running short. I have no idea what batik this is, or where/when I purchased it. I've tried to match it and was not even close both times. I do wish batiks were marked.

a turkey for my brother

Last year my brother told me he and his wife wanted a quilt with a turkey on it.
REALLY? a turkey? for the fall...they live in Florida, and don't need a quilt at all.
Being a good sister I obliged:

I like it alot, even if it does have turkeys on it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

graffiti artcloth

Take a piece of muslin.
apply paint: acyrlics, fabric, whatever is leftover.
Need a masseuse!

Let the fabric dry.

go back with black and white. Highlight it, stamp it.

Dry and heat set, and you have your own art cloth.
Of course it's more fun with friends and food.
too bad we didn't have any potent potables!

More details: