Friday, March 8, 2013

Beat the winter Blues -2: more improv log cabins

I haven't quilted the first two IMPROV LOG CABIN quilts yet [FEB 17: false spring], but here are more blocks!
It features Perfectly perched by Laurie Wisbrun

I have 25 blocks, so I haven't committed to a layout yet.

I posted a giveaway on yesterday's post, so scroll down to check it out if you are interested.
There are more giveaways at every blog on this bloghop! It starts later today.

Meanwhile check out what everyone is doing at OFF THE WALL FRIDAY!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beat the Winter Blues

My giveaway is two yards of fabric:
1/2 yard each:
summersault pinwheels
summersault cartwheels
modern meadow hand picked daisies
cocoon grace

A luscious groups of rose, coral, pinks and oranges...can you say summer please?
Just leave a comment to enter and make sure I can contact you.
Good luck!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

two gallon bag

For the 2012 challenge Artrageous decided on a two gallon bag bag challenge:
take a two gallon ziploc, fill it with whatever you want. It goes home with some else, and you get someone's bag to use to make a quilt. This quilt goes back to the person who filled the bag.

This was the bag I recieved:

in progress:

and is "OASIS" finished:

I reallY like this quilt! and am sad to see it deprat. It goes to Mary Miller, who unfortuantely was not present yesterday.
Ironically I got Mary's bag and she got mine:

This is the quilt she made me!

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Also make sure to go by OFF THE WALL FRIDAY:

blogger is not playing nice today, but if you click on the link it provides, you will get there! LOL...

Friday, March 1, 2013

what do you make?

Rachel, at STITCHED IN COLOR had a thoughful entry about making.
In summary she states:
"we bring our diverse dreams and our distinct voices to our art, and we hope to enjoy a nuanced conversation with other makers - all other makers. Because, that conversation will transform us, change us. And growth is always welcome."