Sunday, June 7, 2009

Imagine HOPE: Awareness through Art

Textile artist Hollis Chatelain plays with colors and emotions, inviting us into her dreams.

Yellow, color of drought and advancing desertsBlue, color of dreams of a better life for millions of economic refugees
White, color of death, genocide, and vanishing hopes
Purple, color of peace and spiritual joy
Green, color of hope for migrants and resident aliens
Our world is changing fast
Almost out of control
Revealing its fragility and our own fears
But beyond wars and global warming
Beyond arrogance and injustice
Beyond exploitation and human rights abuse
Beyond blatant wealth and extreme poverty
We believe there is room for hope
If we speak up and reveal the humanity within us
If we rise above racial and religious differences
If we use tolerance and fight selfishness
If we care about our planet and the future of our children
Then we can believe again
Believe in peace and humanity
Believe in a better world
Then we can imagine hope

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I had the priviledge of viewing these quilts hanging in Duke Chapel; it was a truly moving, and AWESOME experience.

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