Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snow dyeing

Well, it was really SLUSH dyeing, but still fun!

Here are two good tutorials:

and Bunk's Blog


Diana said...


Approachable Art said...

Gorgeous results!!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

You got great results! Isn't it fun?!? I'm rinsing out my first batch tonight. We rarely get snow, so I had to jump on the chance while I have it!

Carole said...

Katherine these are so yummy!! It seems as I look at them, I can smell them... like Kool-aid. [I dyed some wool using Kool-aid].
You are going to hve some nice fabrics for our class... can't wait to see how you use them.

Beth said...

Katherine, these are great! Thanks for the link to my tutorial, much appreciated! Did you use sprinkles on any of these? I am sitting here actually hoping it will snow someday soon when I have a day off to play! Keep up the good work!


Diane said...

OMG Katherine, those are gorgeous. Next snowfall, I'm coming to your house!

dsigns said...

Wonderful results, I'm going to try this! Thanks for the inspiration.

Sherryl said...

These are great Katherine. I envy you the ability to snow dye but I do not envy you the snow!

Gloria said...

Wonderful results!

Laura Krasinski said...

Simply beautiful

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Oh my, such yummy luscious looking fabrics........ How am I going to keep the self discpline to finish my exhibition piece so I can play with snow dyeing here!!!

The marks are absolutely gorgeous!

Fortunately I know we have snow for at least another 1-2 months (sad but true).

I hope I the fabrics I get look as good as yours.

Lorri Lee Chambers said...

HI Katherine ,

this looks like so much fun I wish I had read up more on it before so when we got that rare snow we get here on the outerbanks I could have tried it.

WOuld it work with shaved ice???

too bad my mom knows nothing about any of this she has 36 inches of snow in her front yard in Nor Virginina right now

Great work