Saturday, November 17, 2012


Another nonArt quilt:
using a charm pack by Deb Strain of the same name and some of the red and the black leaf print.
It still needs to be blocked and bound, but that will happen tonight and tomorrow.

My artistic muse is blocked/thwarted. I feel VERY much the nonArtist [a failed artist], but I am still enjoying making quilts and things.
SO I will make other items and if creativity finds me all the better, if not, that's fine too.

HOWEVER to see some art quilts, I'm linking to Nina-Marie's blog:

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Nina Marie said...

ohhh I think our creativity comes in waves and I wouldn't worry overly much. Still I just want to say that the best way I get out of a creative funk is join a challenge with a deadline - it helps because there are usually some guidelines that will get me going and get me back to my sewing table!!