Sunday, March 3, 2013

two gallon bag

For the 2012 challenge Artrageous decided on a two gallon bag bag challenge:
take a two gallon ziploc, fill it with whatever you want. It goes home with some else, and you get someone's bag to use to make a quilt. This quilt goes back to the person who filled the bag.

This was the bag I recieved:

in progress:

and is "OASIS" finished:

I reallY like this quilt! and am sad to see it deprat. It goes to Mary Miller, who unfortuantely was not present yesterday.
Ironically I got Mary's bag and she got mine:

This is the quilt she made me!

for more quilts visit:

Also make sure to go by OFF THE WALL FRIDAY:

blogger is not playing nice today, but if you click on the link it provides, you will get there! LOL...


Judy Ferguson said...

I think your quilt is fabulous. What wonderful color blending.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi Katherine
I ditto Judy's comment.
Love how you've used the colours.
When you say "oasis" is that the name of the pattern??? Please excuse my ignorance here Katherine!!!LOL - you're allowed to laugh at me!
Shane ♥

Lesa said...

Lovely quilts! It was a pleasure to see the creativity and style of both.

liniecat said...

I also love how you laid the colours on your piece.....smashing!