Sunday, June 30, 2013

2 finished and new WIP

The two Rayna Gillamn workshop quilts are finished.
See the previous post for pictures in progress.

I'really like the quilting on this one: the top and bottom are quilted vertically, and the center is quilted horizontally.

I'm not sure which direction this should hang.

And the WIP:

This is the background for a piece I've wanted to do for several years. I've changed my mind about how to construct it multiple times, but during the workshop, I decided I wanted a pieced backgroung. I'm still debating about how to construct the foreground, so it may take another 2 years! I hope not! It measures 36 x 42.


Laura said...

Looks like you liked Rayna's workshop, I like both pieces a lot. I like the 2nd one best in the vertical orientation, I think! Isn't it great when you finally get to working on something that's been simmering for a couple of years?

Sylvia said...

How lucky to take a class from Rayna! I love the results!

LisaS said...

Beautiful !

Rayna said...

Love the quilting on the first one, too. Clever! As far as the second one, both ways. But I think the horizontal version is more interesting: leaves room for interpretation. Either way, it's a wonderful piece!

Ha - a pieced background. Chances are that once that's done the rest will come more easily than you think. Sometimes things just have to simmer.