Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ice Dyeing and blog hop winner

First things first:
the winner of the Schnibbles Full House pastern is Sandy. Congratulations!

This weekend I decided to try some Ice Dyeing.
I really liked how my snow dyes turned out a couple of years ago. And I needed some red and oranges for a quilt in progress.

Here are two tutorials:

My set up:
soda ash soaked fabric on baker's racks over a plastic tub, I put a couple of small pieces in the tub to soak up the extra dyes.

I covered them with plastic, put them in the garage and let the ice melt and fabrics sit about 18-20 hours.

Rinse the fabrics, wash and dry the fabrics and magic!

One interesting thing which I've never had happen: an imprint of the grid was made on the fabrics[in center of photo]:

It is just in one spot. I wonder if it's something I can reproduce?

The small pieces are just what I need for my current project, and the larger ones look like a summer garden!...that sounds like an interesting quilt...


Lori R said...

I had some batiks in the store with a faint grid pattern and they were popular. Wonder how well it will come through if you're TRYING for it?

ann said...

Just think of it as magic.

LisaS said...

These turned out nice!

Norma Schlager said...

Are you sure it's from the grid? Maybe it was just a bit of serendipity in the scrunching.

Whatever it was they look scrumptious.