Thursday, August 28, 2008

TWO quilts for posting:

SOME GAVE ALL: thank you

for Breaking Traditions: With One Voice

and my 2008 Journal Quilt

The Elements

This year the Journal Quilts in Houston (IQA) were juried. 48 out of 300 were selected.

Of course I am sorry mine was not selected, but it didn't do what I wanted it to.

Each element had a gradation of colors, and I wanted them to move, mingle, and affct the others.

The quilt may not be a loss...I thinking of reworking it, but haven't figured out what to do to it!

The quilt is not a loss: it was fun, I learned and I had to think...

the technique is from Dena Crain's "Darned Quilts" at Quilt University.

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Cathy W said...

Both quilts are wonderful!
Like you, I've sent a quilt to "With One Voice" and made a journal quilt, but it did not make the cut. I'm entering it into the online Journal Quilt show, hosted by my friend Linda Teddlie Minton. Hope to see yours there too, as it IS wonderful!