Friday, September 21, 2012

MMQ part 1 [b]

OKAY...I wasn't happy with the other choice [see previous entry].
So I went back with my original color scheme.
Here are my fabrics:

The blue batik is the background, or "field" fabric,

Here are my Blocks:

...not a great shot of the second set.

I've started Part 2.
Hope to finish it tomorrow, but the weather is too nice not to spend most of the day working in the yard...

Check out off the Wall Friday:

I will make the other set into something later.


Nina Marie said...

I just love the blue and the brown together - so many possibilities. Just lovely!

Sylvia said...

I printed out the first clue last week. I was just going to go through the scrapbag and wing it. After I had cut a few centers, I decided I would rather have a more controlled scheme. SO I will try again this week. I love your fabric choices!

Karol Kusmaul said...

Oh, I like these even better. Stronger contrast. Way to go Kathryn!