Monday, September 3, 2012

silk scarves

I have been dying silk scarves with Procion MX Dyes. There are several online classes. Marjie McWilliams teaches one [Silk Dyeing] at It is well done and very reasonably priced.
Here are some close ups:
Colorhue silk dyes are an easy way to dyes scarves. They set instantly. Less mess. Marlene Glickman sells these [] as do several other vendors such as Dharma trading []
Which do I like better? They have advantages and disadvantages. I always have Procion MX dyes on hand. And for dyeing yardages of fabric, I would choose Procion. And I now feel comfortable using them on silk. Colorhue dyes are great. Quick. Less mess. Instant gratifcation. I have a little trouble creating deep saturated colors with the Colorhue dyes. I'll probably continue to use both!


Lisa Chin said...

LOVE the first scarf. Dyed silks are fabulous.

Carol A. Babineau said...

Really nice!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Must try dyes soon. I like the idea of the second dye you suggest because it is less mess. Perhaps that is a better way for me to start. Thanks for sharing these scarves.