Sunday, February 17, 2013

false spring

False Spring
True spring only lasts ten minutes
before the summer heat
browns the shrubs and grasses

But false spring
tantalizes with equal parts
rain and snow

with equal parts
snow and cold

One day short sleeves
the next day coats

Soon summer will camp
in our valley
and we'll dream of false spring
Cyn Bagley

Actually most of the snow melted as it fell...too icey for snow cream, not enough for snow dyeing.
But the flakes were BIG and pretty. [I didn't take any photos of it falling.]

This weeks wip:

and a better picture of last week's top:

Next week is Mid Atlantic Quilt FEST...hope to see you there.

See what everyone else is creating at; OFF THE WALL FRIDAY:


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

How amazing to see those sweet little daffodils poking their heads through the snow!!!
I love the bottom quilt - what is the finished size?

A lovely poem Katherine!
Shane ♥

Laura said...

Your quilts are the colors of the daffodils in the snow! Enjoy the Quiltfest in Virginia, someday I hope to get there, too. Take lots of pictures and post if you can!