Friday, February 22, 2013

MAFQ 2013

WELCOME to the Hampton Roads Convention Center:

Photos from Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival:

The SAQA exhibit, "I'm not crazy", curated by Kathy Nidas, was excellent:

glimspse of a dark angel- Karen S Musgrave

All alone and blue- Cynthia St Charles

Red Ravens Judith A Roderick

held together by a thread- Susan Lenz

Whee at the ALF Karol Kusmaul

Insane asylum- Sylvia Weir

On to others:

Butterfly Cabin- Robin Koehler

El Capitan ar Yosemitw - Mary Pavlovich

Flying Geese - Judith Roderick

Eye of the Tiger- Yolonda Ann Reardon

Let'sGo! - Cyndi Souder

Living the Good Life: AKA Daddy's Home - Lois Sprague

Windblown - Marie Elkins [a prize winner]

Dusk - Colleen Wise

The Monumental Way - Karlyn Bue Lohrenz

Marie's Poppies - Carolyn Rider

Tropical Thunder Glacier Star - Antoinette (Sandy) Miller

Oh, Mexico Beach- Jane Zillmer

Deep within my heart lies a melody: Memory of Texas - Polly Mello

The Peaceful Ones - Denise Havlan

Carousel Stampede - Cathy Wiggins

Bellagio Afternoon - Diane Campbell

Canyon Reflections - Barbara Aiken

Janet Platz and her beautiful discharged linen ensemble

Fiesta Mexico Rennee Haddadin + Karen Kay Buckley

Susan Smith- fabric strip challenge

It takes a village - Gwen Goepel

Compass - Linda Toeniskoetter

Spicey Girl -Jay Zitter

Fire Flower - Pat Durbin

Town by the River - Sally Rowe [New Bern, NC]

Counting the Hours - Sharon Hightower

Pine Ridge Dawn - Laura Fogg

A New Leaf - Leslie Harris

Spirit - Georgia Spalding Pierce

School's Out - Eileen Williams

Don't forget to check out OFF THE WALL FRIDAY!


Judy Ferguson said...

Wow, interesting exhibit. Thanks for posting the pictures. I enjoyed seeing them.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Thanks for posting about this show. I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite quilt--some amazing work going on there!
best, nadia